Traders-You are having Skill or You are Lucky

Traders with skill have large gains after 100 trades and are relatively quiet, traders that were lucky have huge gains after a few trades and are very loud, then very quiet for the next few trades that usually bring their account to zero.
Traders with skill risk 1% to 2% of their trading capital per trade and win in the long term, traders that are just lucky risk the majority of their account for a few big wins in the short term but lose in the long term when their luck runs out.
Traders with skill use a successful method with different stocks, currencies, commodities, future markets while traders with just luck are only successful with one lucky pick in one of those markets and when its up trend ends their winning streak ends.
Traders with skill have winning track records over many years, traders with only luck only have winning track records measured in months.
Traders with skill have risk management as a top priority, traders with only luck do not understand why risk management is important, yet.
Traders with skill are trading like it is a business, traders operating with luck are trading like they are a gambler in a casino.
Traders with skill use a trading plan and back tested method, traders with luck make guesses and are sometimes right.
Traders with skill have done their homework, traders with luck think they are naturally smarter than the market.
Traders with skill are disciplined and stick to their system, traders with luck make bets based on opinions.
Would you rather be lucky for a few trades or skillful for a few years? Lucky traders give back their profits when their luck runs out. Skillful traders are eventually financially interdependent due to their long term capital growth.

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