Art of Trading-10 Rules

1. Always wait for the setup: No Setup-No Trade.
2. THE BEST trades work almost right away.
3. Never take a big loss. If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right. Remove it!
4. Always perfect your craft and sharpen your skills(good traders are constantly learning)
5. Be patient with winning trades: Impatient with trades that fight back.
6. DISCIPLINE is the key to winning at everything!
7. Never get emotionally attached to trades, trading, losses or profits.
8. Always trade with the size that makes you unemotional(emotional trading is the quickest way out of this game).
9. Keeps things simple and do not over-think or over-complicate your trading. LESS IS ALWAYS MORE.
10. Stay humble at all times.

Control Your Emotions

1. Caution.

Excitement (and fear of missing an opportunity) often persuade us to enter the market before it is safe to do so. After a down-trend a number of rallies may fail before one eventually carries through. Likewise, the emotional high of a profitable trade may blind us to signs that the trend is reversing.

2. Patience.

Wait for the right market conditions before trading. There are times when it is wise to stay out of the market and observe from the sidelines.

3. Conviction.

Have the courage of your convictions: Take steps to protect your profits when you see that a trend is weakening, but sit tight and don’t let fear of losing part of your profit cloud your judgment. There is a good chance that the trend will resume its upward climb.

4. Detachment.

Concentrate on the technical aspects rather than on the money. If your trades are technically correct, the profits will follow.

Stay emotionally detached from the market. Avoid getting caught up in the short-term excitement. Screen-watching is a tell-tale sign: if you continually check prices or stare at charts for hours it is a sign that you are unsure of your strategy and are likely to suffer losses.

5. Focus

Focus on the longer time frames and do not try to catch every short-term fluctuation. The most profitable trades are in catching the large trends. (more…)

Cicero Philosophy -Written in 43 B.C :101% Still Valid …Think It's Happening in India or Not ?

“Cicero’s 146 (43 B.C) of the Roman empire wrote a philosophy that is still valid:
1.”The Poor: Work & work.”
2.”The Rich: Exploit the poor.”
3.”The Soldier: Protects both.
4.”The Tax Payer: Pays for all the three.”
5.”The Wanderer: Rests for all the four.”
6.”The Drunk: Drinks for all the five.”
7.”The Banker: Robs all the six.”
8.”The Lawyer: Misleads all the seven.”
9.”The Doctor: Kills all the eight.”
10.”The Undertaker: Buries all the nine.”
11.”The Politician: Lives happily on account of all the ten.”

Taking losses

takinglossesTaking losses is a tough part of doing Day Trading and no one is immune to making mistakes. In fact, professionals know that the sin isn’t in taking a loss, but rather not taking a loss and letting a loser continue to eat away at the equity in a portfolio.
Losers not dealt with are like a cancer which can quickly spread throughout the body if it is left untreated.

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