Fear & Euphoria


It is inordinate “fear” and “euphoria” that prevent us from achieving our investment goals. And, the impact of these excessive emotions can be seen across the spectrum of traders.

  • The beginner who won’t put on a trade until he is certain the next trade will be a winner.
  • The trader who “knows” what the market will do and as a result refuses to exit a losing position.
  • The same trader who ignores market information that is contradictory to his position.
  • The same trader who becomes paralysed with fear – “Dear God, just let me break even! I promise I won’t do it again!”
  • The student who refuses to send in work because he doesn’t want to be told that his hours of work are “wrong”
  • The trader who after a series of wins feels “he’s made it!” …and becomes reckless.

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