10 common mistakes most traders make

1. Stubbornly holding onto losses.
2, Buying on the way down in  price.
3. wanting to make a quick and easy buck.
4. Buying on tips, rumors, split announcements, and other news events, stories, or opinions you hear from supposed market experts on TV.
5. Selecting second-rate stocks because of dividends or low P/E ratios.
6. Buying because of old names you’re familiar with.
7. Being afraid to buy stocks that are going into new high ground in price.
8. Cashing in small, easy-to-take profits while holding the losers.
9. Not being able to make up your mind when a decision needs to be made.
10. Concentrating your time on what to buy and once the buy decision is made, not understanding when or under what conditions the stock must be sold.