India Media engages Sherlock Homes / Detectives ?? !!

See this Screen-shot from CNBC Channel.  Every Indian should ask what are these mysterious “SOURCES”.  Is it a Ghost or any Jaadugari ???  What are its authenticity, what are its accountability.  In the name of Media anything can go on.  But if any individual genuinely gathers and collaborates facts about a forthcoming event he would be branded as Insider Informer.  This Anarchy and Media barbarianism will not meet the eye of our regulators.  They are so much afraid of Media Spying !!!

 To catch Saddam Hussain in Iraq, US spent massive forces and Billions of Dollors.  To catch Veerappan in our own backyard Indian Govt took a Decade.  LTTE chief Prabhakaran was untrappable for several years.  All Governments should abort their CID Teams and engage these Media Source gatherers for catching the invisibles !!!!!!!!!!!!   Else ban this Malady. Highly DEPLORABLE.

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Anirudh Sethi/Baroda/India

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