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12th January Recommendation


Trading is all about making decisions.
– Making good decisions comes with experience.
– Experience comes from making bad decisions.

Refresh Your Memory :

On 12th Janaury ,I had written to buy Fertilizer Stocks (Nag.Fert was boldly recommended to buy @ 36.

Chambal Fert/FACT /MADRAS FERT/NFL :All stocks on fire in last 6 days.

Apart from Fertilizer stocks ,We recommended PSU stocks to our Subscribers i.e Andrew Yule @ 62 on 7th Jan ,Yesterday it was 79.And many other stocks ,All blasted in last 10 sessions.


On 12th Jan recommended to Sell Sugar Stocks

I don’t want to write anything…just check price level of Sugar stocks on 12th and of Yesterday……and think is it power of chart or Magic ?

Apart from all these recommendations ,you all might have seen Nifty Future was not able to cross 5280-5313 level and Yesterday crashed.Writing since last 1 week avoid long in Sensex Stocks.Every 2nd stock is looking weak and tired.

Just read shortly about Messages I had sent Yesterday to our Subscribers.

Updated at 7:51/20th Jan/Baroda

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