4 Main Reasons Why Traders Fail

# They do not understand that the markets are a mirror of life on a chart. Markets are a living thing and reflect crowd behaviour and your own, view of the world. CAVEAT:  How you see yourself and the world is buried deeply in the subconscious part of your mind.

# Traders do to understand their own authentic personality hence they find it hard to settle on a trading style. Know yourself well, it makes THE difference between long term trading success or  failure.

# Traders fail to notice how they transfer the feelings and emotions of  the collective consciousness to their trading believing that their emotions and feelings are their own. Self awareness brings market knowledge, literally.

# Traders have subconscious mental blocks which they supress with superficial positive thinking and learned discipline. We all have blocks, to think that you are the one who has not is dangerous arrogance. Welcome to the experience of oneness!

If you trading ,then read this

Below, we share a presentation from Morgan Stanley’s Jim Caron, Measuring Risk: Extracting Market Sentiment from the Interest Rate Markets, in which the credit strategist provides a much more detailed framework of what critical credit signals are and how to interpret them. We recommend that all those still trading, either with their own, or other people’s money, familiarize themselves with this 27-page overview.

(Instead of Watching TV -Cricket Match -Movies ,Traders just read this -)



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