Up or Down Market-Mint Money

SMS-4 november
Dear Readers and Traders ,Always remember :
The market is a battlefield. Make sure you are on the winning side
Yesterday I had sent these Intraday Messages to my Subscribers.
-First Message :Buy NF above 4660 will kiss 4690,4730 level in hrs only.
*Grab Bajaj Auto ,Maruti and forget.Both stocks will skyrocket.
*Buy Great offshore ,Worst is over.Recommended at 518 ,stock was sleeping whole day..will roar.
*Buy SBI :Will kiss 2116-2131 & there after 2177.(Do u know it kissed 2172)
*Buy Reliance  :Target 1917 ,1944 in this rally.
*Have a eye on 454 for Tisco ,Now at 453.Crossover will take to 464-468 in hrs only.(Stock kissed 473)
*Go short in Bajaj Hindustan @ 198,will kiss 191-185-183 in panic.(In just less then hr it kissed 187 level )
So Jackpot for the day were :SBI & Bajaj Hindustan.
-From morning till end session our Mantra was NF maximum can zoom upto 4730.It kissed 4711.
Always Remember :Knowledge through experience is one trait that separates successful stock market speculators from everyone else
Updated :7:45/5th Nov/Baroda

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