HEDGE FUND LEGEND: If One Of My Managers Is Getting Divorced, I'll Pull My Money Out-Must Watch Video

The Washington Post has obtained footage of hedge funder Paul Tudor Jones from a panel discussion at the University of Virginia last month with fellow fund managers John Griffin and Julian Robertson

 During the panel discussion, PTJ made some comments that the biggest killers to trading success are divorce and women having babies.  

Here’s what he does when on of his manager’s is going through a divorce: 

“… Like, one of my No. 1 rules as an investor is as soon as my manager, if I find out that manager is going through divorce, redeem immediately.  Because the emotional distraction that comes from divorce is so overwhelming. The idea that you could think straight for 60 seconds and be able to make a rational decision is impossible, particularly when their kids are involved. You can automatically subtract 10 to 20% from any manager if he is going through divorce.” 

Watch the video below: Don’t Miss to WATCH 

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The Ten Commandments Of Street Smarts by Mark H. McCormack

  1. Never underestimate the importance of money…It’s how business people keep score!
  2. Never overestimate the value of money…cash is important, but sometimes not as important as respect, thanks, integrity, or the thrill of a job well done.
  3. You can never have too many friends in business…Given a choice always do business with a friend. It’s the best way to leverage your success.
  4. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know”…People will respect you much more and will always place more weight on what you do say…because they know you’re right.
  5. Speak less…No one ever put their foot in their mouth when they were not speaking. Worse, if you are speaking, you can’t be listening, and we always learn much more from listening.
  6. Keep your promises, the big ones and the little ones…both the starting point and the staying point in any business relationship is trust…not suspicion. Someone who does what he says he will do will always succeeed over a person who doesn’t keep his word.
  7. Every transaction has a life of its own…Some need tender loving care, some need to be hurried away.
  8. Commit yourself to quality form day one…It’s better to do nothing at all than to do something badly.
  9. Be nice to people…nice gets nice, and all things being equal, courtesy can be very persuasive.
  10. Don’t hog the credit…share it. People will work with you and for you if they are recognized. They will also work against you if they are not.

Trading Secret

“The most important warrior secret of all: Your level of success in the world of financial markets is entirely up to you and has nothing to do with what the markets are doing. There will always be bull markets and bear markets. The occurrence of good or bad luck, if luck exists at all, evens out over time. Great success and the attaining of warrior trader status come about as a result of commitment, a never-ending willingness to learn, steadfast determination, and that rare ingredient, a touch of humility. Throughout the ages, all great warriors have had these same characteristics.”

Trading with No Regrets

Trading is really not as much of a numbers game as it is a mind game. Winning or losing in the long term will come down to whether you quit or keep going on your trading journey. Trading is not for everyone, there is no easy money in the markets. You will fight for your dollars, you will make money by doing the uncomfortable you will lose money when you think you are in a trade that just can’t lose. The emotional and mental pain will be unbearable if you do not believe in yourself and your method. If you are trading with no plan, no rules, and no system or method you will tend to be very hard on yourself for every losing trade. It was your decision that made you lose money, you will beat yourself up, and feel stupid. You will have 100% accountability for your mistake.This will not work.

What you must do is transition the accountability from yourself to your system or method. You must trade a proven methodology that will win based on the market action not your personal actions. You can not control odd out of left field events.  You can not help it if you trade a trend or a pattern and suddenly it loses. All you can do is take trades with great probabilities that match your beliefs about the market and if they are losers then you can’t blame yourself you can only cut your losses and look for the next trade that meets your parameters.

When you can shrug off a loss with no emotional or mental pain and move on to the next one you are at the next level. All you can control is your entry parameters, risk management, position size, exit, and mind set, the market determines whether you win or lose, not you.  You must have self confidence and faith in a proven method, take your trades let the market separate the winners from the losers.

Active Traders-Must Read These 42 Points

What if you could read the principles for success for some of the world’s greatest traders? Well you can, here is how author Jack Schwager summed up the the similarities of the ‘Market Wizards’ he spent years interviewing in his second book.

The following is an summarized excerpt from Jack D Schwager’s book, The New Market Wizards. I highly recommend this book for all active traders.

  1. First Things First
    You sure you really want to trade ? It is common for people who think they want to trade to discover that they really don’t.
  2. Examine Your Motives
    Why do you really want to trade ? Did you say excitement ? Then don’t waste your money in market, you might be better off riding a roller coaster or taking up hand gliding.
    The market is a stern master. You need to do almost everything right to win. If parts of you are pulling in opposite directions, the game is lost before you start.
  3. Match The Trading Method To Your Personality
    It is critical to choose a method that is consistent with your your own personality and conflict level.
  4. It Is Absolutely Necessary To Have An Edge
    You cant win without an edge, even with the world’s greatest discipline and money management skills. If you don’t have an edge, all that money management and discipline will do for you is to guarantee that you will gradually bleed to death. Incidentally, if you don’t know what your edge is, you don’t have one.
  5. Derive A Method
    To have an edge, you must have a method. The type of method is not important, but having one is critical-and, of course, the method must have an edge.
  6. Developing A Method Is Hard Work
    Shortcuts rarely lead to trading success. Developing your own approach requires research, observation, and thought. Expect the process to take lots of time and hard work. Expect many dead ends and multiple failures before you find a successful trading approach that is right for you. Remember that you are playing against tens of thousands of professionals. Why should you be any better ? If it were that easy, there would be a lot more millionaire traders.
  7. Skill Versus Hard Work
    The general rule is that exceptional performance requires both natural talent and hard work to realize its potential. If the innate skill is lacking, hard work may provide proficiency, but not excellence.
    Virtually anyone can become a net profitable trader, but only a few have the inborn talent to become supertraders ! For this reason, it may be possible to teach trading success, but only upto a point. Be realistic in your goals.
  8. Good Trading Should Be Effortless
    Hard work refers to the preparatory process – the research and observation necessary to become a good trader – not to the trading itself.
    “In trading, just as in archery, whenever there is effort, force, straining, struggling, or trying, it’s wrong. You’re out of sync; you’re out of harmony with the market. The perfect trade is one that requires no effort.”
  9. Money Management and Risk Control
    Money management is even more important than the trading method. 


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