How Stress Produces Trading Losses

  • Nothing is stressful unless it is perceived as being a thread (losing money)
  •  Worry has a great effect on human performance, because it represents conscious mental activity.  Since it is conscious, it takes up processing capacity.
  • Often, the trader is too preoccupied with the potential results of what he id doing, rather than the process of being a trader.
    1. Losses scare me. The model calms me.  Trade your plan.
    2. Concerned about losses.  Preoccupation. Tunnel vision
    3. View losses as negative because fear of not having money.  A loss is a character building exercise that is needed to go through to obtain positive expectancy.
    4. Low Volatility/High Volatility  Multiple Intra-weekly signals
    5. Close at a profit/Close at stop
    6. Nightly distractions (Family, Businesses, Work, Vacation, Lack of Internet)
    7. Greed leads to confirmation bias, other bias in holding position
    8. Money motivated, need results for success, freedom for family
    9. Need to evaluate relationships with parents/money deeper to get to depths of self-esteem
    10. Tasks
      1. Daily Self-Analysis
      2. Daily Mental Rehearsal
      3. Focus and Intention
      4. Developing a Low-Risk Idea
      5. Stalking
      6. Action
      7. Monitoring
      8. Take Profits/Abort
      9. Daily Debriefing
      10. Be Grateful for What Went Right
      11. Periodic Review