Searching Fundamentals -Everything Wiped out.


Always Remember one Thing :In India only that Mutual Fund will earn money (Owned by Corporate house )…That too to manipulate stocks.

Money in Indian Market :Will be Minted by Corporates only +Insiders (They know everything From Result to Development to Exchange Position )

Retail Traders -Investors :Don’t have Money @ all.These people they are putting in Mutual Fund (Yes they will earn 10-15-20% sometime in Year ,But Real cream done by Manipulation will be Minted by Fund Mangers only (Money is Free of cost ).

Have U EVER Seen SINGLE CASE of Insider Trading ?If seen What is the amt ??Rs.1 Crore to 5-10 crore ??Big Corporate Houses +Mutual Funds minting tons of money …..99.99% Don’t know how ?