Optimal Thinking

Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D. offers views on “Optimal Thinking”:

“The quality of the questions you ask determines the quality of your life. When you ask the best questions of yourself and others, you invite the best answers. You can discover what “the best” means in whichever context you choose. You simply create the best path to your most desired outcomes.”

Most Profitable Questions:

* What’s my most profitable activity?
* How can I maximize the profitability of this activity?
* What’s the most profitable use of my time right now?

Optimal WHAT Questions

* What is my most important goal right now?
* What is the best action I can take toward it now?
* What is the best use of my time now/next week?
* What can I do to bring out the best in you?

Optimal WHY Questions

* Why is this my greatest asset?
* Why is this my most important goal?
* Why is this our most profitable product?
* Why is this the best solution?

Optimal HOW Questions

* How can I bring out the best in myself and others?
* How can I best utilize my greatest talents and abilities?
* How can we be of greatest service to our customers?
* How can we maximize profits?

Optimal WHEN Questions

* When is the best time to take this action?
* When am I most productive?
* When am I at my best?

Optimal WHERE Questions

* Where is your favorite city/beach/ski resort/location?
* Where is the best place for us to talk privately?
* Where is my best source of inspiration?
* Where is the best location to work?

Imagine yourself starting each day with five Optimal questions, such as:

1. What is supremely important to me?
2. What are my most important goals today?
3. Which actions will be most beneficial for my self-confidence and self-respect today?
4. What will make each task today most profitable/beneficial/enjoyable?
5. What is the most constructive use of my time right now?

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