Just follow Trend and Mint Unexpected Money

No one can predict a market trend, you can only react to them! Trend following never anticipates the beginning or end of a trend. It only acts when the trend changes. However, there is no need to figure out ‘why’ a market is trending — just follow it. You don’t need to understand electricity to use it.

Just Think :How many of u Bought or Traded in Reliance with levels ?

-Stock never broke :960 & Nifty Future support was 4898-4882 (Before Budget ,I had written)

Always Remember ,Writing/Saying and doing Bla Bla is very easy.Giving comments on Blogs…..(Those who are not earning or Failures will write comment with using Bad Words)But our AIM is to Mint Money from Market.End result should be your Balance Sheet on Plus side.

Updated at 7:27/22nd March/Baroda

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