Traders often hear about the potential benefits of preparing actionable trade plans prior to the next trading day. The goal of such preparation is to make yourself immune to mental edge breakdown. One of the greatest threats to your mental edge is coming across something that’s unexpected during the trading day. Seeing an unexpected price move (especially one you perceive to be a big move) is likely to stress and panic you and therefore cause your psychology to shift into an emotional, reactive state. An effective way to prevent this is to prepare with possibility mapping. 
Possibility mapping is a process which will mentally prepare you to expect the potentially unexpected, and therefore will allow you to numb, in advance, any potential emotional responses. 
There are two major types of possibility mapping: Exact possibility mapping, which you would use if you tend to make your trade decisions the day before; and Price Pattern possibility mapping, which you would use if you tend to make your trade decisions while you watch price patterns forming. 
With exact possibility mapping, you first identify a trade you might make. You would then write out all possible scenarios of price activity following your entry. Yes, there are more scenarios than you could possibly define. However, you’ll be able to identify major groups of scenarios where each of the scenarios in a given group would ultimately result in the same signal. These groups are limited and can easily be defined. Then, in your objective state of mind, you decide how you would react in each case. 
On the other hand, with pattern possibility mapping, you would define the several possible groups of general, overview patterns you might see and decide what actions you would take in each case. Over time, you’ll find yourself mapping possibilities faster and more accurately. You can also prepare further by defining what you might think the chances are of each scenario actually occurring. 
With such preparation, you’ve already “experienced” tomorrow’s markets. Therefore, you virtually eliminate the chance of mental edge breakdown due to unexpected scenarios. Possibility mapping can also drastically improve the quality of your trade decisions and your recognition of certain patterns. In addition, reviewing and comparing your possibility mapping records with your trade diary will help you find key patterns in your trading, identify areas in which you might have a lack of preparation and ones in which you have strengths.

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