3 Points – Trading Psychology

Don’t Dwell on Mistakes, Focus on Opportunities

  • Holding onto the baggage of the past, the mistakes of yesterday, is nonproductive. If robs you of your energy and mental and emotional focus on new opportunities. You must see what opportunities exist now and take advantage of them… Focus your time, energy, and money on making money — on new trading opportunities.
  • Yes you need to learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them. Use them as positive learning experiences; as a springboard to becoming a better trader.

Don’t Blame the Market or Others

  • When pain surfaces, if you are honest and in touch with yourself, you will own the upset and seize the opportunity to release that internal reality — to forgive! Pain functions to inform us of our errors.
  • False forgiveness is based on the belief that others are responsible for what we feel, and therefore it tends to reinforce that error. To forgive others, in this manner, for what happens in your mind leaves your pain intact and the opportunity to heal is lost.
  • Making use of every opportunity to heal is an important decision you can make and that decision will immeasurably accelerate your process.

Accept Negative Emotions to Neutralize the Negative Charge

  • Whenever we avoid processing a negative emotion, then attach an emotional charge to it, and shorten our breath and tighten our diaphragm, our blood pressure often shoots up so that we lock that memory of that emotional charge into our system.
  • When you go to sleep, the current in you literally reverses and you lock your daily emotional charges into your organ systems, body processes, and memory. It’s a very negative thing to do.
  • Processing the situation correctly short-circuits the negative cycle. So, before I go to sleep at night, I forgive others whom I think have wronged me and give thanks personally for all things. I want to stay free, healthy, and unencumbered.
  • Remember, emotions are a choice. The realm of unconscious bad habits is where the demons live in all of us. We need to exorcise them.
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