24 Reasons 95 Percent Traders Don’t Make Money

  1. Lack of homework on what works.
  2. Allowing big losses in your trading account,
  3. Quitting when they learn trading isn’t easy money.
  4. Inability to trade volatile markets.
  5. Inability to emotionally  manage equity curves.
  6. Trading without a positive expectancy model.
  7. Never committing to one trading strategy.
  8. Changing trading systems.
  9. Trading based on opinions.
  10. Not managing the risk of ruin.
  11. Over thinking their trades.
  12. Reactive trading decisions based on internalizing emotions.
  13. Trading with leverage without understanding the risks.
  14. Trading on margin without understanding it.
  15. Over trading.
  16. Trading without a plan.
  17. Not understanding what it takes mentally to be a trader.
  18. Setting stops in obvious places.
  19. Selling short what looks expensive.
  20. A lack of discipline.
  21. Watching Blue Channels (Whole Day )
  22. Reading PINK PAPERS 
  23. Watching Fundamentals ,Results of Companies (All Manipulative )
  24. Looking and Listening GROWTH ,INFLATION ,IIP ,RBI  (All Manipulative in India )
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