Trading Quotes for Traders

The tape tells the truth, but often there is a lie buried in the human interpretation
~~Jesse Livermore~~

 Your human nature prepares you to give up your independence under stress. when you put on a trade, you feel the desire to imitate others and overlook objective trading signals. This is why you need to develop and follow trading systems and money management rules. They represent your rational individual decisions, made before you enter a trade and become a crowd member.
~~A. Elder~~

 Charts not only tell what was, they tell what is; and a trend from was to is (projected linearly into the will be) contains better percentages than clumsy guessing
~~R. A. Levy~~ 

The biggest risk in trading is missing major opportunities, most of enormous gains on my accounts came from 5% of trades.
~~Richard Dennis~~

Take every gain without showing remorse about missed profits, because an eel may escape sooner than you think
~~Joseph de la Vega~~

Losing is part of trading. The best traders don’t get perturbed by losing trades, since over the long run they know they will be successful more often than not. When you are afraid of losing, you end up losing or missing opportunities because you are afraid to trade.
~~Trading to Win, Ari Kiev~~

In trading, the vast market consists of neophytes who are looking for magical answers to make lots of money quickly and with little risk. They want specific ideas. They want to be told exactly what to do. Those looking for such things will not find them. They will not be successful as long as they continue to favor the easy over the
~~Curtis Faith ~~ 

The difficulty in trading lies not in the concepts but in the application.
Curtis M. Faith

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