Trading should be boring

Perfect description of what trading should be all about. As you might have heard from lots of great and successful traders, trading should be boring. Don’t get me wrong. You need to be passionate about trading in order to succeed. That applies to all things in life. For me, the research I do, all the stuff I read in order to improve my trading, increase my knowledge and my technical skills is what I am passionate about. The process of putting on trades and doing what the charts tell me to do is what is boring.

My trading philosophy is really simple. If I had to put it in one sentence it would be the following: ‘There is no way I am going to argue with price.’ The gist of it really is that opinions do not matter. I do have very strong opinions but when the charts tell me otherwise I change my mind. No hard feelings. A great quote dealing with the subject is the following:

When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do Sir? – Lord Maynard Keynes

So why the ’same old, same old’ title? Because today was one of those days where I did what I have to do. My job as a trader is to be objective in my analysis of what is going on. The most important part is looking at my portfolio positions and sort them in descending order. The first one on the list is the one with the highest profit. The last one is the worst performer. I change the order in the streaming watch list of my broker whenever the ranking changes. Doing this manually is a ‘conscious and active’ process, as it literally forces me to ignore my opinions and therefore forces me to acknowledge the strength or weakness of  a stock. Remember:

There are no good or bad stocks. There are only stocks that make you money and stocks that don’t.

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