Let’s face it, no matter the outcome of a trade-lose, win, draw, and even the miss-traders are rarely satisfied with the result.  This is exactly why it is so important that we utilize the two most powerful words in a stock trader’s vocabulary..and no… it does not involve four letters!  The following is a list that you can use these two words with.  You will get my point.  Of course you can add to it if you like.

I missed the trade…SO WHAT!

This trade did not work…SO WHAT!

I excited a profitable trade too early…SO WHAT!

I excited with a loss too quickly…SO WHAT!

My stock gapped against me…SO WHAT!

The stock recovered without me…SO WHAT!

A stock I was bullish on was downgraded by an ANALyst…SO WHAT!

A stock I was bearish on was upgraded by an ANALyst…SO WHAT!

The market is not trending…SO WHAT!

The market is consolidating…SO WHAT!

The market is breaking support…SO WHAT!

The market is busting out of resistance…SO WHAT!

The economy stinks but the market is going higher…SO WHAT!

SO now do you understand WHAT makes these words so powerful?  They allow you to get on to the next trade or, shall we say, the next  ONE GOOD TRADE!

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