The Largest Employers in the World

You might be surprised to learn what the largest employer in the world is. Want to take a guess? It is the Chinese Army, also known as the Peoples Liberation Army, at 2.3 million employees. WalMart (WMT) is in second place with 2.1 million employees, then the Indian Railway at 1.4 million, and the National Health Service in the United Kingdom at 1.33 million.

In fifth place is China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (SNP) also known as Sinopec Corp. with 639,690 employees. Then there is G4S, a private security company in England in sixth place at 585,000 employees. Seventh is PetroChina (PTR), China’s biggest oil producer which trades on the NYSE, with 539,168 employees.

Deutsche Post (DPSGY.PK), is another publicly traded big employer. This mail and package delivery company has 436,650 employees. The engineering conglomerate Siemens (SI), also publicly traded and trades on the New York Stock Exchange, has 420,800 employees. Last but not least, McDonalds (MCD), the fast food company, has around 400,000 employees.

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