The 5 Emotional Stages of a loss

Stage 1: Denial
This is when you have the first sign of a loss. However, you justify this loss. You deny it’s true form and decide that it could be a winner…but you just have to “wait it out.” “Afterall, I bought a lot of time on my option.”

Stage 2: Anger
The loss judt got worse. Now you look to place blame. Freakin’ blog! I hate the marketcast anyway!!! Why didn’t I do my own analysis????

Stage 3: Bargaining
If somehow this stock can move in your favor, you promise you won’t do it again. Or even worse, you start to think of ways to salvage. Desperation sets in.

Stage 4: Depression
It couldn’t get worse huh? WRONG! Now this makes a huge mark on your account, your spouse is going to kill you, it is going to take forever to make it back, and you start to panic.

Stage 5: Acceptance
Alright, I will take the loss.

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