Psychology by Michael Jordan


I like these commercials, because it very similar with trading. Commercials are not new, but i hope, that it can somebody give some more motivation.

1st one: YouTube – Michael Jordan “Simple Math” Nike Commercial
It says – stop looking for holy grail, there is no math formula, there is only training!

2nd one: YouTube – Maybe – New Michael Jordan Commercial
It says – stop looking for excuses!

3rd one: YouTube – Michael Jordan “Failure” Nike Commercial
It says – Success it not about winning, it is about loosing and deal with it!

4th one: YouTube – Look Me In The Eyes – Jordan Commercial – Become Legendary
It says – very nice courage and patience… I am scared what i wont become, you are scared what you could become..

5th one: YouTube – Michael Jordan “Become Legendary #1” Nike Commercial
It says – It is not about indicator/shoes/etc!!

Good luck, goal is closer, than you think..


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