Only You Can Control Your Trades

Just to be very clear, the term be in control does not mean controlling the market. In fact, I have not met anyone who can control the market. From all the traders that I’ve spoken to and the books that I’ve read, all professional traders tell the same thing –

Take control of your trades and let the market do what it does best.”

Can you see the attitude that professional traders carry with them? Professional traders take control of what is within their control and focus on making those controls work. In actual fact, they even expect the market to be random. They put so much effort in making the trade perfect that it doesn’t bother them when the market doesn’t go their way.

Now, let’s come back to our world. If the professionals take full control of their trades, don’t you think you should be doing the same thing? If you know that you should be in control of your trades, then, can the market be at fault in any way? I hope the answer is no and I hope you realised that you are in control of your trades and not the market.

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