Bold Prediction for 2014


Speaking of taking days one day at time, continue to ignore all the prognostications for 2014 with the exception of mine, of course. I do think my prediction is the only one that’s viable: the market will go up, down, and sideways. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be 100% correct on this one. One of the few things I can guarantee. Focus on the long side when the market is going up. Focus on the short side when the market is going down. And, when the market is going sideways: focus on saving lives, do something Creative ,building buildings, repairing automatic transmissions, or whatever great things you do. It’s really that simple. Notice I said simple and not easy.

Never in Life :Waste Time on Movies ,Watching Cricket Matches ,Giving Opinion & Thinking about Politics ,Reading Newspapers…All Waste of Time & Money.

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