3 Mistakes that will kill your trading success

Not having a plan. Get a plan, who cares if it is bad, start with something. You can build off of it and refine it. You have to be willing to spend the time to make the plan yours. You do not start anything without some level of planning. Trading is hard; your brain spends a lot of time in fast forward, affecting your memory. You can slow it down by having a plan and increase your brains ability to remember.

Thinking trading is easy. It is not, there are times when it can be slightly less difficult after a lot of time, patience, and hard work. When I think to myself “this is easy” I lose my sharpness. My focus is adverted from my goal. I will lose. It may not be on that trade but maybe the next.

Thinking you have finished. There is only one thing that every trade is guaranteed to give me: a chance to learn about myself, the market, and the interaction between the two. You have to be willing to be relentless in your learning. It will enable you to learn the cheapest. 

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