What golf teaches us about trading- 14 Points

1. Each golf shot/trade is a learning opportunity. 

2. In golf you play the ball where it lies.  You can hit a great shot and find it in a divot and you must play from there.  In trading you can make a good trade, find yourself underwater in losses, and must trade out of the position. 

3. Golf is an individual sport and trading is an individual occupation, which you must learn to accept.  

4. In golf/trading you must eliminate big numbers. 

5. Golf/trading are skills based sports.  How well you play/trade is determined by your skill level, which you only develop over time. 

6. You, and only you, are responsible for your mistakes. 

7. You will hit bad shots and make bad trades.  You must learn to forgive yourself. 

8. Golf is a game you will never and can never master.  There is a just a continual journey to improve.  Kinda sounds like trading to me. 

9. There are ebbs and flows to the game of golf, where you play well and poorly.  For most, the same is true of trading.  You will have stretches where you trade and see screens well and periods where you trade like a hacker. 

10. The best golfers grind. The best traders grind it out.

11. In golf you are challenged to contain your emotions.  In trading you must contain your emotions.  

12. In golf ever great player has a pre-shot routine.  Every great trader has a process to find excellent trade setups that are best for them. 

13. Golfers visualize success.  Traders should visualize pulling the trigger on good trades. 

14. Practice, practice, practice. Are you willing to put in the work to become great?  

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