10 Things I’ve Learned About Markets

1. “There is no such thing as easy money”

2. Events that you think are affected by cardinal announcements like the employment numbers at 8:30 am on Friday are often known to many participants before the announcement

3. Markets that have little liquidity are almost impossible to profit from.

4. When the stock market is way down, policy makers take notice and do what they can to remedy the situation.

5. The market puts infinitely more emphasis on ephemeral announcements that it should.

6. It is good to go against the trend followers after they have become committed.

7. The one constant, is that the less you pay in commissions, and bid asked spread, the more money you’ll end up with at end of day. Too often, a trader makes a fortune on the prices showing when he makes a trade, and ends up losing everything in the rake and grind above.

8. It is good to take out the canes and hobble down to wall street at the close of days when there is a panic.

9. A meme about the relation between today’s events and those of x years ago is totally random but it is best not to stand in the way of it until it is realized by the majorit of susceptibles

10. All higher forms of math and statistics are useless in uncovering regularities.

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