In Trading If You are Losing Money Then You Are Doing….

  1. You consistently trade huge position sizes in volatile trading vehicles.
  2. You enter a trade with no exit strategy.
  3. You care more about being right than making money.
  4. Your emotions fluctuate wildly with your trading capital equity curve.
  5. You are trading your opinions instead of a robust trading method.
  6. Your ego is tied to your trading results.
  7. You have a hard time admitting when you are wrong about a trade.
  8. You are 100% sure about a trade, you know it will be a winner so you think you don’t have to manage risk.
  9. You buy into strength in a bear market or short into weakness in a bull market.
  10. You start with a very small amount of trading capital not enough to overcome slippage and commissions.
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