Don’t blame the market for your losses- A Thought

1.) It is highly possible that you will never really make it.  Honestly, trading is a difficult game.  Anyone who said so, was not truthful.  It IS VERY HARD. Trading is not a themepark.  I always stress this out.  Check (How I Started).  I have only come to this realization after losing so much money.  Sigh.  I hope I can spare some of you of the losses.  Make sure that when you trade, you have a mentor, a peer, or a community who have the intention of educating you properly, who’ll look at what you’re doing.  Chances are, the losses come from two most common trading mistakes – Fear and Greed.

Fear of losing money – (You cannot cut the losses)

Fear of losing out – Overtrading.  Chasing unplanned trades.

Greed- Your money management is wrong.  You want to revenge trade. No risk management.

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