Skirts: What Does It Mean for the Stock Market?

Many investors are familiar with the skirt length stock market theory or indicator, where the current fashion for length of skirts determines which way the markets will go. The flappers during the roaring 20’s had very short dresses, and the stock market was roaring. During the depression of the 1930’s, the length of skirts and dresses dropped. During the 1960’s, the mini-skirt came out and the stock market took off. Then floor length dresses came into vogue, and stocks tanked. And so on.

But now we have a unique fashion trend. Supposedly in Japan, skirts are being worn with paintings on the back which make it appear that the skirts are transparent. (PG-13 rated)

If you think this kind of clothing might look good on your wife or girlfriend (or yourself, if you are a woman), you can actually buy this type of clothing from an apparel company in Germany, Alba D’Urbano Couture. (R rated)

However, the important issue is what this means for the stock market. If this type of apparel catches on in the United States, then analyzing the stock market from the skirt length theory is somewhat difficult.

This would be my take. A stock market with lots of fake-outs, appealing opportunities which don’t work out, investments that turn into bummers, and no way to analyze figures as you can’t tell what’s real or not.

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