Don't be tempted

One of the easiest things to do is to over think. There are so many possible outcomes and our little minds love to run through all of those that it encounters or can dream up and try to assign likelihoods to each of them. I agree the human mind is an amazing thing but seriously, what’s the odds that you are going to 1) identify all the variables and 2) assign proper weighting to their probable outcomes and 3) realize the implications of the interactions between them all. It just isn’t going to happen so don’t be tempted.

Sure, you can think you have it figured out and if it goes your way you’ll pat yourself on the back and reinforce the thought that you have got the answer when all you have is a tiger by the tail. It will turn on you before you know it.

All you can do is map out what you believe will happen based on qualified trends and trend trading set-ups, put your stops in and let it rip. Of course you monitor and adjust as needed but you can only control risk and once you realize that the tiger’s tail seems a lot less frightful.

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