A day trader should leave no room for fear and greed to take over, otherwise, this will be the key to your losses. A good trader should be disciplined, make discipline a habit, and act in accord with trading systems/strategies. You can do your trade in a consistent and reliable manner this way. Certain situations require an individual to make decisions based on their pre-set criteria and parameters.

 You should make it a point to habitually follow your trading system/plan. When you’re making trading decisions, don’t let your emotions rule you. A day trader should always be disciplined, and once you attain your objective, leave the market first. Oftentimes people plunge in deeper because they are influenced by greed and fear.

 There are also day traders who are quite reluctant to lose money. For instance your stock goes down,and you’re still hoping that after some time it will rise again. And to your surprise, the share price goes further down. If only you were not reluctant to lose money, you could have sold it the first time its price went down, and prevent further loss.

 Day traders need to make fast executions and confirmations of the trade, so you must have a fast internet connection. They also need to receive and deliver quotes, news, and other pertinent market data. A fast internet connection allows you to make your day trading in a timely fashion. If you’re serious with your day trading. You would need hardware and software requirements to put a sufficient platform at home for online trading.

 You can practice through simulated trading before using real money. Here you can incorporate all your trading techniques and see if they actually work. Don’t be a scared to lose a certain amount of money. But it doesn’t mean that you should not limit your losses. Most importantly, you should learn from your past losses. Becoming a day trader is a simple thing. But in any case it requires dedication, time and effort. You will reap profits that you’ve never imagined, if you are able to put all of these things together.

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