Deadly Emotions

REVENGE, we all know it and have done it. It happens when you are tricked by the market and decide to take another trade before looking at the big picture, then BAM you are on the wrong side of the trade again. Pissed off and refusing to move while your money is going further down the drain. Scared to let go for fear that you are going to get tricked again.

PANIC, that is when you lack the confidence to enter or ride a profitable trade. This happens when you have taken some hits and now you lack the confidence to trade profitably.

IMPATIENCE, this happens when you can’t wait for a proper trade set-up and jump on a price hiccup/retracement, often finding yourself on the wrong side of the trade.

ANGER, you know that feeling that comes over you when you have taken a hit or two and you want to kill your computer.

SELF PITY, when you come to the market hoping for crumbs and get none, and can’t see why THEY won’t let you have just a little bit.

DEPRESSION, something perhaps outside of the market has you at an extreme low point.

INDIFFERENCE, it happens when you have gotten hit so many times that you just don’t care any more because no matter what you can win any way.

All of these emotions work hard against you clouding your clarity and give other traders the advantage over you.

If you are experiencing any of these emotions when you enter your platform; abandon your trading until you have yourself under control and have the clarity of mind to trade. Not doing so greatly increases your chances of handing your money over to a trader who is more emotionally fit and controlled than you are.

We are all human and it happens to us all, but what weighs heavy in your mind will often weigh heavily in your pocket.

Come to your trading platform, well rested, focused and ready to trade. You may take an occasional hit so what it is a LESSON. We all get them and if we learn the lesson that the loss has taught us; it will make us much better traders.


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