Accept Your Emotions as Natural and Stop Blaming Yourself

  • Example common cycle is that you take a trade before its ready because you fear of missing out, then you feel frustrated when the market dances around, you exit the trade, then you feel guilty of making the same mistakes over and over again.
  • What you should have done is to look at the anger and say “I see why I am irritated. I got in too early and I added or exited. Of course I feel this way”. Accept your emotions, then move on to decide on the best thing to do next.
  • But-I-Know-Better (BIKB) trades set up feeling and emotional contexts of self-recriminations. Just catching yourself in those — and the feelings surrounding them — will impact your bottom line in a positive way.
  • Get used to admitting to yourself (and if possible to someone you can trust) what you are feeling. Instead of trying to overcome or intellectualize a feeling (saying to yourself, “stop doing that”), say I feel like x, y, or z. Just let it be and don’t judge it.
  • Most of the time, if you have the courage to feel badly, get to the root of the feeling, and realize that x-y-z feeling or fractal-emotional context crept up on you without you knowing it, the feeling ‘pops’ like a balloon. Even if it doesn’t pop, it begins losing air like a tire going flat. The overwhelming sense of urgency begins to dissipate. The debilitating part just won’t last that long if you just let yourself feel and articulate it, even if only to a journal.
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