12 One Liner Trading Quotes For Traders

  1. Seize the moment: It may come in the midgame, it may come in the ending, but seize the moment, even if it comes in the opening. There are seldom second chances.
  2. Build well: A good game, like a good house, must have a strong foundation
  3. The Follow Through: Once you get a win you have to know how to execute it, or your opponent may execute you.”
  4. Fools Gold: The search for a fool proof system is always in vain.
  5. The Wise Skipper: Start your game with a plan, but always be ready to change course in mid-stream.
  6. A Time for Everything: The good player knows when to play for a win, when to play for a draw, and finally when to resign.
  7. The Unexpected: Unless you are prepared to expect the unexpected, be prepared to expect the unexpected defeat.
  8. Seize the Moment: A passive move is best met with an aggressive reply– or an opportunity may be lost.
  9. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The trouble with a loss is that it usually looks like a win or a draw.
  10. Don’t Argue with Success: If you are doing well with your lines and style of play, don’t change them. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  11. Reckless or Wreckless: the player who moves without a motive is an accident going somewhere to happen.
  12. No Risk Policy is Risky: The player who never takes a chance may be taking the biggest chance of all.
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