Solution focused approach

focusedWhat did we do differently on those successful occasions?

* I have planned the trade well in advance with research; it is not a spontaneous trade, so I’ve had time to think clearly about what I want to do.
* I have a clear profit target in mind based on research and refuse to waver from that target unless the market takes me out with a predefined stop. I consider myself a person of integrity, so I tell myself that I have to show integrity and loyalty to my trade idea and target;
* I don’t follow the position tick for tick. Either the trade will hit my target or it will hit my stop. I make a conscious effort to let go and not micromanage the trade;
* I keep myself calm and clearly focused by purposely getting up from my chair, doing some stretches, breathing deeply, and getting away from the screen. I keep myself in a state that is incompatible with anxiety;
* I rehearse constructive self-talk during the trade. I tell myself that I’ve done my preparation and established my edge. Any individual trade can go against me, but if I take all the good trades I can, eventually I’ll benefit from good odds and a good risk-reward ratio. If I lose money on the trade, I’ll figure out why and what that might be telling me about the current market. (more…)

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