You look at mountain ranges and see 5-wave structures and 61% retracements. 

You look at the night sky & see a hammer pattern instead of the Big Dipper. 

You are Catholic and you confess to the Priest that you broke your own stop loss rules. 

You might be a trader if you’ve ever considered opening your own Fibonacci’s Italian restaurant.

You might be a trader if you know that Head and Shoulders isn’t referring to a shampoo

You go to the bathroom during market hours and it costs you Rs 50000/-

You regularly check the futures on your iphone when you get up in the middle of the night to take a leak.

You would take a knife to a gun fight and a gun to a knife fight.

The only cable channel number you know is CNBC 

Someone asks you how you are doing and you answer either resting or poised to go higher

When shopping or eating out, you rate the company’s service as a buy, sell, or hold.

Your last trade was your “dumbest” trade ever and the one before that the second dumbest ever

You routinely starve yourself from 9:15 to 3:30 IST 

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