Trading Quotes -The Disciplined Trader ,Mark Douglas

The market is never wrong in what it does; it just is. Therefore, you as an individual trader interacting with the market—first as an observer to perceive opportunity, then as a participant executing a trade, contributing to the overall market behavior—have to confront an environment where only you can be wrong, and it’s never the other way around. As a trader, you have to decide what is more important—being right or making money—because the two are not always compatible or consistent with one another…—-The Disciplined Trader,Mark Douglas

If, in fact, you can’t control or manipulate the markets and the markets have absolutely no power or control over you, then the responsibility for what you perceive and for your resulting behavior resides only in you. The one thing you can control is yourself. As a trader, you have the power either to give yourself money or to give your money to other traders.—-The Disciplined Trader,Mark Douglas