Patience pays :Unexpected Money !

And Just see …In this series ,I had recomemmended to Buy :


Now every 2nd person is running for these stocks……….!!

Do u Know……..Why ?

Because they dont know to look at chart ,While u Trade always keep stoploss mentioned for Particular stock (Don’t be rigid in loss or while making Profit )

Lack of “patience” and “discipline.”
While these two virtues are over-worked and very often mentioned when determining what unsuccessful traders lack, not many will argue with their merits. Indeed. Don’t trade just for the sake of trading or just because you haven’t traded for a while. Let those very good trading “set-ups” come to you, and then act upon them in a prudent way. The market will do what the market wants to do — and nobody can force the market’s hand.

You All Need 4 things :Money ,Mind ,Method & Target !!

(Everybody is having Money ,Mind (Not for Trading purpose )…Nobody is having Method and 101% No Trader is having Target (In a Day …What to Expect ?Or in Week or in Month)

Updated at 8:01/29th Sept/Baroda

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