Motivational Message For Traders

Success is from within, not without.

It takes time to become a successful trader…no matter the strategy employed.  I believe anyone can become a great trader, not because of some indicator or strategy or the ability to quickly discern the thinking of some guru, but because within each of us is the seed of success, always ready to grow and prosper, if given the proper nourishment.    It all boils down to emotion and what we do with the attributes we are all born with.  If we nourish focus,  patience, and discipline, then we will become great traders in spite of ourselves.   But, like anything in life, we tend to doubt our abilities, believing success is for the other guy, who was born with the right genes, at the right time, in the proper environment.

So, the next time we begin to doubt ourselves, our environment, our genes, we should remember success is from within, not without.  There is nothing and no one but ourselves who can stop us from experiencing the success we so richly deserve.

If we are looking anywhere else but within we will continue to be without!

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

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