9 +1 Points For Traders

Just like no texting while driving, listening to Blue Channels while trading should be outlawed. Mute button on is OK thou.

You can’t think & trade at the same time… which means you need to have thought out everything ahead of time.

“We respond to our thoughts and feelings about reality; we don’t respond to reality.” – Charles Faulkner

If you’re gonna be rigid, be rigid in managing the risk… other than that, be flexible.

“Start each day from last night’s close, not your original cost.” – Stuart Walton

Confidence bestows good trading… overconfidence bestows 100% drawdowns …find a happy medium by using risk management

One of the best ways to stay aligned w/ the markets is to remove “I think”, “I disagree”, & “In my opinion (IMO)” from your thought process

“The most important organ in the body as far as the stock market is concerned is the guts, not the head.” – Peter Lynch

“The superior traders gravitate to a single approach-the specific approach is not important-and become extremely adept at it.” – Faulkner

“I have noticed that everyone who has ever told me that the markets are efficient is poor.” – Larry Hite

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