29-One Line Trading Quotes


1. Train with deadly seriousness.

2. Educate yourself.

3. Be vigilant.

4. Take away emotion.

5. Be your sternest critic.

6. Feel your way to a win.

7. Be Patient.

8. Don’t be afraid to lose.

9. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

10. Lead a healthy life and diet.

11. Get good sleep.

12. Have a good breakfast.

13. Know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

14. Give no quarter.

15. Choose a favorable battle ground.

16. Play to win, and don’t be content with a draw.

17. Master deception.

18. Know all the tools in your arsenal.

19. Clear your mind from distractions.

20. Don’t talk during a game, but do walk before.

21. Play the type of game you are suited for.

22. Beware of doing the same thing often.

23. Attack the weakest points.

24. Don’t be too eager to break the tension.

25. Centralize your forces.

26. Be wary of taking small gifts that distract you from the main chance.

27. Never say die.

28. Don’t hurry.

29. Give yourself flexibility so that you can win in two ways.

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