15 points -To Become Effective

1. Every day- Keep Time for the New.

2. Impose on Time & Events on what YOU think is Important.

3. Slough off old Activities before you start a new one- most Important.

4. Set Priorities & Concentrate on the Few Major areas which will Produce OUTSTANDING Results. These are on the Future.

5. The moment you Learn of a Principle, Incorporate it in your Daily Life.

6. Do Difficult Tasks when your Mind works Best.

7. Dispose of your Time in Chunks.

8. Set Posteriorities & Stick to your Decision.

9. Analyze All daily Experiences for Success and Failure, Learn and Act.

10. Plan before you Work or Do. 11. Say No to all things that Waste your Time.

12. Make your Environment Productive.

13. Pick Priorities by Opportunities.

14. Act on the Knowledge you Possess.

15. Focus on Getting the Right Things done. Follow these Principles. You will see a HUGE Difference in your Ability to Produce & Achieve Results.

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