Trading Rules – For A Survival Of The Trader

1. Plan your trade. Trade under the plan.

2. Write down your results.

3. Keep positive mood irrespective of your losses.

4. Do not bring the market from work to home.

5. Constantly raise level of your purposes.

6. Buy during bad news and sell during good.

7. Do not be afraid to buy at high position and to sell at low.

8. Always have well planned time for market studying.

9. Isolate yourself from opinions of others.

10. Always be quiet, persevering and consecutive; operate rationally.

11. Never enter into the market because you are bored to be out of the market. To be out of a position is also a position.

12. It is not necessary to enter and leave from the market too frequent.

13. Traders usually study not at profits, but at losses. Study every loss for improvement of the knowledge about the market.

14. Successful trading is combined and often accompanied by negative emotions. The most important element of successful trade is you are.

15. Always discipline yourself to follow certain rules in advance.

16. Do not allow big profits to turn in big losses

17. You should have the plan, you should know the plan – and you should follow it.

18. Perceive losses with advantage.

19. Halve your profit and never risk more than 50 % of profit operating against the market.

20. A key to successful trade – self-studying.

21. There is no so much distinction between getting in the market and losing there in natural abilities, that in ability to study the errors correctly.

22. Perceive losses as a step towards to a victory.

23. Have you gotten loss? Forget about it quickly. Have you received profit? Forget about it even faster. Do not allow egoism and greed to prevent you from clear thinking and hard work.

24. One of the major secrets of traders – to commensurate the desires with desires of the market. The market is a true as reflects all forces struggling on it.

25. It is much easier to enter into a trade, than to leave it.

26. If the market does not do that, what you expect from it – leave the market.

27. Never add to losing position. The losing position means that you are wrong.

28. Do not try to predetermine your profit.

29. A key to riches in trade – simplicity. Avoid methods, which you do not understand.

30. Do not be excessively curious concerning the reasons moving the market.

31. Be careful to open too big positions, which can affect your emotions. Do not be too aggressive in the market.

32. Do not try to define peaks and tops.

33. You should trust yourself and to have clear mind, if you wish to win in this game.

34. In the market it is not necessary to guess the movement of the market.

35. In the world of money nobody knows what will happen in the future. Anybody! Therefore, successful traders do not try to place the positions according to what should happen, and they only react that has already occurred.

36. If you sink, do not deliberate – leave the market!

37. Lose your possibilities – but not money. In some cases take in habit to use stop-profit. Do not reproach yourself, if the price continues to grow without you. Recollect those cases when fixing profit has prevented losses.

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