Our frustration is greater when we have much and want more than when we have nothing and want some.  – Eric Hoffer
Most plans are just inaccurate predictions. – Ben Bayol

While technical analysis is a wonderful tool, traders who abuse it will lose to a market designed to frustrate even the best laid plans. 

-Last week ,We had written on Friday we will see unexpected level.It made High of 6182.On Monday we had written either Today or Tuesday ….Mkt will reverse !!

-Our Hurdle-Laxman Rekha was :6231 (It kissed 6208 ,6210 ) and crashed.

-On Monday written sell everything with stop of 6231 ,Same on Tuesday……!!

-Wed ,Thur & Today too…We were Highly Bearish in NF ,BANK NF ,Bank Stocks ,Fertilizer Stocks and Yesterday written :Sell AUTO Stocks !

-What happened u all know !

Today our Target below 6066 was of 5950 level !!

Have u Read our Bank NF levels ??No……U had not read !!

-Do u What happened ??It kissed 11040 level !!

Today During Trading hrs ,Written to Buy NF with stoploss of 5980- 5950.

It was mentioned not breaksing 5980 & remains above 6010 will create fire work !!

-So your stoploss was of 25-30 points !!

Now if u are not able to take risk of  30 points was first support and there after 5950 was rock solid last support.

-Don’t act smart ,If u had bought had 6010 level and stoploss was triggred at 5980…Risk was 30 points and if u had hold upto 5950 then u had lost Rs.60 points maximum……Below 5980 it took 15 minute to break 5950 level.

Same Happened with Bank NF too !

Here we track every moment of market.Don’t think writing comments wiill give u something.Stoploss was triggred (that too u all traded blindly )read again…our Intraday update.

-Don’t worry about us.From 6200 to 6000 level….nobody sold NF ,Bank NF ,Bank Stocks ,Auto Stocks……just losing 30-40 points and started doing bla-bla.Next time u post comment or write …do mention your contact number !!

Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA

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