Every Trader Must Read These 10 Points -Take Print Out

  1. An entry does not determine profitability it only determines potential profit the exit is where the win or loss occurs, focus on that.
  2. A robust trading system means nothing unless you can follow it with discipline and self control.
  3. Charts don’t care about any one persons opinions why should you?
  4. Good trading will make you some money but only good risk management will allow you to keep the money.
  5. Good traders search for the right entries, great traders search for the right systems.
  6. Bad traders have an opinion, good traders have a plan.
  7. In the markets money flows continually from those you do not really know how to trade to those who do.
  8. Eventually those with the best risk management and trading method end up with the money from those who only have a good  trading method.
  9. Bad traders tend to be stressed and emotional, good traders tend to be more quiet and at ease.
  10. Show me a trader overly focused on just one trade and I will show you the 90% that are unprofitable, show me a trader focused on the whole process of trading with little concern over any one trade and I will show you a member of the 10% that are profitable.
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