Consistency is the Key

Consistency is an essential component for a successful trading career. This is how you achieve confidence and become comfortable with “riding a trading bike”.

Psychological comfort is the key to a long term trading career and is achieved by becoming consistent with small profits. If you can make consistent $ per day: it can be increased drastically within a year and become exponential in long term.

When I hear from students that their goal is ”to make a lot of money“, I always emphasize that there are few essential steps that must be achieved prior : building confidence by achieving consistency with small lot size is the step that cannot be skipped.

Create at least a 3-6 months learning curve with the goal of achieving consistent profits first on demo, then on live account. Set a reasonable lot size that is appropriate for your financial circumstances with a focus of achieving confidence and psychological comfort. Once these steps are accomplished: at the end of every profitable month add another lot size. By the end of the first year: you increased your lot size drastically and you are achieving much higher and consistent profits.

Be realistic! Skip Zillionaire syndrome..Leave Ego at the door each and every morning. Focus on being successful today by being consistent and therefore becoming confident trader.

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