Stock and options trading is difficult to master, much like life at times. We all go through times of hardship.  I believe our country (and world) is going through one right now.  But difficult times have come and gone in the past and I have faith that this is just another one of those times.  Here is my prayer for the trader…in and out of the charts.
May the sun always shine bright with energy when rising and glimmer with comfort in descent
May your charts whisper to your burning ears

May your flowers be full of bees and your weeds choke on fallen nectar
May your wins humble and your losses teach
May still waters massage your aches and clean water quench your thirst
May fear give way to peace and greed surrender to charity
May the eyes of a child sooth the wrinkles of age
May a logical life give new meaning to an illogical chart
May you outlive your mother and father and die honored before your children
May the life within bring beauty to the life without

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