Following my Parameters

1) Relative Strength or Weakness- there’s no reason for me to pick from the mushy middle, as the biggest movers come from the best and worst 5% of the market.

2) Abnormal Volume- it can be abnormally high or abnormally low, but I’m looking for stocks that are doing something different that they’ve done in recent days or weeks.

3) Abnormal Range- again, high or low tells me something…average tells me nothing.

4) Identifiable Support(Longs) or Resistance(Shorts)- I have no need to be the first, that’s for the really brave and really smart(maybe).  If the idea is that good, I’ll have days/weeks/months to milk it…in case you haven’t heard, the second mouse gets the cheese.

4) News Absorption- I like to participate AFTER news events…it gives me a good idea of the temperament of a stock’s owners. It may have broken out from a base.  It may have been crushed but then built a base.  It may have reacted poorly to a “great” report. In any case, I want to see how a stock reacted the last time there was real news, and position myself on the side that has taken control since then.

6) Doubt- this is a tricky one, but our ideas should not be SO obvious that our relatives and neighbors love the idea.  Buy worry, short hope.  Buy after panic, short after euphoria.  I’m not saying to ignore an idea because your Twitter stream agrees with you…haven’t we filtered our list to only those we respect?  But take a second to check your spot on this curve, and where you sit on this idea.

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