Active learning is the key

Research shows that you can learn more in few days than you can learn in a year. A focused approach to solving a problem where you put lot of efforts in short period of time leads to expansion of you ability to process and analyse information. That is survival mechanism.  
This is the principle used by armies to train people. Intense burst of 4-5 days of learnings lead to more learning than a long  drawn out plan. Once you get in to learning zone, you would learn more quickly. The more load you add to a learner more efficient he becomes in processing the information.
The most effective learning state is where you are loaded with more work than you can handle and you are continuously challenged. If you go back and look at your own intense learning phases you would see this. Goal of learning skills and procedural stuff is not knowledge acquisition but to change your perceived self efficacy belief.
Learning is complete when your self efficacy beliefs change. Self efficacy beliefs change if you experience mastery experience. When do you experience mastery experience ? When you stretch yourself.
The other pre requisite to experiencing a mastery experience is you have to be actively doing a task. That is why passive video based methods and trading guides and self paced programs, though popular do not work as well as bootcamp kind stretch sessions. Bootcamp style learning methods involve active participation and active learning style.
If you really want to improve your trading results you should look seriously at learning models and select a method which will enhance your skills faster. In a bootcamp kind of environment, you just have to focus like crazy  for  3-5 and try and keep up with the intense pace of learning. The grater demand put on learning capabilities in such methods results in enhancing your own efforts. As a result of that  you will find your abilities will improve dramatically in just days. 
There is abundance of information in public domain to learn trading in the form of books, curses, ebooks, videos, and so on. But most of it puts a trainee in passive learning mode.There is no active effort the trainee has to make . So it becomes like watching porn, it does not improve your actual sex life. 
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